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 Redcen1 for Forum Admin/In-game Mod

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Redcen1 for Forum Admin/In-game Mod Empty
PostSubject: Redcen1 for Forum Admin/In-game Mod   Redcen1 for Forum Admin/In-game Mod I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 02, 2010 9:39 pm

Forum Admin:
Name: Redcen1
Applying for Forum Admin
Reason:Hello Guys This is redcen1 Applying for Forum Admin, I really want to be Forum Admin because i really want to help tysonn, and players on anything, Deleting, Locking Threads that are needing to be so.

What i would do to help:
Ill do anything i can to help players and tysonn, on adding and removing things that are needing to be so.
For Example If their is a thread in the wrong place, i would move, if there is Flaming going on, I would give out Infractions.

If there are Mute evaders i would lift their mute, and ban the mute evader account.

More Information: I have Experience On doing this, I was Forum Mod On one of the biggest 613's Ziotic untill later on i resigned.

In-game Moderator:
Name IRl: Jonathan
Age: 14
I'm also applying for In-game moderator.
Reason: When there are not anyone staff on Eastern time, or for example anyone else needing help i would be there. if other mods are not on, i will be on, since I'm in school i do my homework there. so when i get home i got my day off, as in from 2:24Pm east - 10:00PM, I can be on Angel, I would also Mute anyone needing to be muted, let a Admin know if there is something i can not do.

More Information:

I have Experience I've been Mod's on Servers, Foxxscape, Ziotic, Runescape ( One year)

I know when enough is enough, like i said "when someone is needing help i will be there, even if its small little things i will be there.

I hope you take this application into Consideration.

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Redcen1 for Forum Admin/In-game Mod
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